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Our Cylinder Exchange Program is perfect for your retail business

Hammond Propane provides propane tank exchange cages to many independent C-Stores, gas stations, party stores and hardware stores in South Central Michigan as well as C-Store chains like Kelly Express Marts, Perky Pantry, PS Food Marts and Polly's Country Market grocery stores.

Hammond Propane provides quality service at a price that is competitive. As demand rises in the summer months so does the frequency of our stops at your location. Our propane tanks are reconditioned and clean in order to present a quality, professional product to your customers The cages your company receives will be of modern eye-catching aluminum that will never rust. Cages come in a wide variety of size.

This program is on consignment so therefore, the driver's will make exchanges on all stops to eliminate run outs between stops. Call us today to set up a time to schedule a tank exchange cage for delivery.


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